terça-feira, 14 de julho de 2009

Conflict - Increase The Pressure

Happy Birthday Kids of the 80's blog! 1 year!
300 albuns postados, com bandas punks de mais de 30 paises. Valeu a todos que visitam e nos dão suporte. Espero o blog completar muitos anos ainda, e estamos preparando algumas surpresas para a semana de aniversário!

Para comemorar o dia de hoje, o álbum que eu mais tenho escutado ultimamente. CONFLICT. dispensa qualquer comentário adicional. LADO A poderoso, cru, extremo, intenso. LADO B ao vivo. Sem mais. FROM PROTEST TO RESISTANCE. E não falo mais nada, aumente a pressão! ;)

No, there's no fucking way that anything's going to change, it depends on you
and you now! We can protest till death, they won't listen, don't sit back
and think It will happen. They won't give up what they've robbed,
stand up
and resist.
But the leaders have caught on, we see that they've prepared for civil war.
wehile on our side we squabble about who does what and who sells more
There's women with Just one reason, to fight for their equality forgetting
the system holds superiority.
First we've got to come together, so fuck the differences, It doesn't matter
If It's noise or music to them WE ALL talk piss. To them we're the sick farce
now let's prove them right. If we're to stand the slightest chance, we must
unite and fight,
We must never give up, make sure our message ain't forgotten
that's If they won't fucking stop, then we're gonna fucking stop them!

01. Increase the Pressure
02. Law and Order (Throughout the Land)
03. From Protest to Resistance
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08. The Positive Junk
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12. "Stop the City"
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18. Whichever Way You Want It


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