terça-feira, 11 de agosto de 2009

Christ on Parade - Sounds Of Nature 12"

Segue ai uma banda de hardcore de São Francisco, CA.
Esse é o seu primeiro album lançado em 1985, tendo alguns sons lançados anteriormente em sua demo no mesmo ano.
Ótima banda, ótimas letras, hardcore de primeira... ja disse que as letras são fodas!?

" I'm a dog locked in a cage, my body exposed to chemicals
My body used to do the dirty work
Cheap labor, but I have to eat
I'm a pig in the navy, my skin blow-torched to test weapons
At the mercy of someone who says they know it all
Says they're acting on my behalf
I'm a monkey under their eyes watching me for a reaction
Getting me to perform their useless jobs
Just changing ads on shopping carts
Living under watchful eyes
Waiting for me to putrify
Stuck in their factories
Caged in their laboratory "

01. Drop Out
02. The Plague/Mirror Image
03. Thoughts of War
04. Flash
05. Chaos Breeder
06. untitled
07. No Truth
08. Landlord Song
09. For Your Viewing Pleasure
10. America the Myth
11. Human Laboratory


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Incognito disse...

Gracias! excelente. Hayposibilidad de subir algún otro de ellos?

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Anônimo disse...

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