quarta-feira, 5 de maio de 2010

YDI - A Place In The Sun 7" EP

Banda de hardcore/punk formada na Philadelphia (EUA).
Segue ai o primeiro albúm lançado pela Blood Bubble Records trazendo um hardcore bem sujo com uma energia muito intensa e muita raiva em suas letras. Gravação bem toscona.
Lançaram um segundo albúm pela mesma gravadora em 85, com uma pegada de metal que nem ficou muito interessante.

Grow your hair, comb it back
Work right through a heart attack
Never say what you think
Tell the boss you're in the pink
5 new suits, shoes and ties
Look just like the other guys
No weekends off, not done yet
Fit right in but what'd you get?

They'll never know you were weird
Now yo uhave a styled beard
Please the boss you must say yes
You're a lie in a double breast
Years ago could've bought a home
Now you're just a working drone
Drink your scotch, make sporting bets
Fit right in but what'd you get?

01. Not Shit
02. 1983
03. Friends
04. Mad at the World
05. Out for Blood
06. Categorized
07. Another Day
08. Get Up and Fight/Zombie Youth
09. Why Die?


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